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  • MiniMate
    Travel around Russia, stay online and talk with no roaming fees. Local English-speaking operators assist in your trip.
    12 options included
  • SavvyMate
    For the single, experienced, independent and savvy traveler. Only the essentials.
    16 options included
  • SmartMate
    For you and your adventurous mate. Explore Moscow at your own pace - WhizzMate's got you covered.
    18 options included
  • BrightMate
    A business person's best friend in Moscow. Save time and money with your very own "round-the-clock assistant".
    22 options included
  • GeniusMate
    Get the royal treatment. All the bells and whistles of our business plan, perfect for the busiest and most selective clients.
    25 options included
  • GroupMate
    Ready for a fun-filled adventure in the Russian capital? Choose the plan that's perfect choice for travel groups of 3 or more.
    19 options included
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Second smartphone add for $15/day add for $15/day add for $15/day add for $15/day
Unlimited local mobile calls
Unlimited Internet connection
Free calls home 15 min. 30 min. 45 min. 60 min. yes, 2x20 minutes (40 min.)
WhizzMate daytime concierge assistance
WhizzMate round-the-clock concierge assistance
Phone M.D.
Theater, museum and show ticket booking
Free train/air ticket booking
Personal concierge 24/7 add for $25.00/day add for $25/day add for $22/day add for $35/day
Official visa support needed for the Russian visa add for $25.00 add for $25 add for $18 add for $18
Moscow subway "Troika" card with 5 trips preloaded
Airport/City express train add for $9.00/one-way ticket add for $9/one-way ticket 2 standard class tickets 1 business class ticket 2 business class tickets add for $9/one-way ticket
Passenger car airport/city transfer add for $25.00/one-way ticket add for $25/one-way ticket add for $6/one-way ticket 1 way (comfort class) or 1 business Class Aeroexpress tickets 2 ways (business class) or 2 business Class Aeroexpress tickets 1 way (comfort class) up 4 persons
Your local office & conference facilities & services add for $100.00/hour add for $100/hour add for $90/hour add for $80/hour 1 hour incl., $50/hour thereafter add for $80/hour
Business class/VIP Lounge @ Moscow airports add for $60.00 add for $60 add for $50 add for $40 add for $40
Free cocktail a day at Moscow's best bars and pubs 1 coct./day 1 coct./day 1 coct./day 2 coct./day 2 coct./day
Our signature guided tours add for $25.00 add for $25
WhizzMate Moscow Manual
Special discounts and members-only savings 3 6 6 6 12
Invitations to exclusive parties, shows and events
Personal shopping mate add for $35.00/$60.00 per 3/8 hour add for $35/$60 per 3/8 hour add for $35/$60 per 3/8 hour add for $30/$50 per 3/8 hour 3 hours included add for $35/$60 per 3/8 hour
Russian visa registration add for $40.00 add for $40 add for $35 add for $35/each
Emergency cash advance (up to amount) 10% of the amount transferred (up to $1,000), but not less than $50 10% of the amount transferred (up to $1,000), but not less than $50 10% of the amount transferred (up to $1,000), but not less than $50 5% of the amount transferred (up to $1,500), but not less than $20 5% of the amount transferred (up to $1,500), but not less than $20 5% of the amount transferred (up to $1,500), but not less than $20
Emergency passport and visa replacement service
Emergency 24-hour local attorney assistance
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WhizzMate will assist you in any situation

  • Patrick Chamney asked "How do you say “friendship” in Russian?"
  • Stephanie Kaplan asked "Which metro station do I get off at to see Moscow’s most famous art museum?"
  • Greg Kettler asked WhizzMate to assist him with translations while shopping at TSUM
  • Lesley Carr found a rare book with a special discount
  • Kate Lipford used a free cocktail coupon at the Space bar
  • Jennifer Seadle called WhizzMate to use "Phone MD" for a personal consultation
  • Brenda Smith reserved a table at cafe Pushkin for 5 PM and Bolshoy Theather for 7 PM tonight
  • Mat Hopkins & Keith Lowery just got an authentic Moscow tour
  • Christina Walter found an interpreter on a short notice
  • Melinda Gross enjoyed their shopping experience with the personal shopper
  • Sean Wiatrowski made a Periscope broadcastings with unlimited Internet during his stay in Moscow
  • William Hass purchased a business package from WhizzMate
  • David Pritchet relied on WhizzMate to organize a romantic anniversary dinner

Your Local Guide

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